Bismi Allahi alrrahmani alrraheemi In the name of Allah, the most Beneficent, the most Merciful

Two Witnesses to Sayyid Qutb’s Hanging

Scholars, propagators and reformists who give their lives for the path of Allah, because of their sincerity to Him, are ranking high in the hearts of people.

Of these propagators and thinkers is Sayyid Qutb, whose hanging left a profound effect in those who knew him and realized his firm belief. Of those affected were two Policemen who witnessed his execution (in 1966).

One of the two is the narrator of the following story:

There were matters which we had not thought of and which made a total change in our lives. Every night, we were receiving in the military prison persons or groups of old and young people and women. We were told that these were traitors cooperating with Jews and that it was a must to extract their secrets. The only way to do this was through severe persecution!

This was enough to alter the complexion of their bodies by various types of sticks and whips. We were doing this in the firm belief that we were doing a sacred duty. However, we soon found ourselves facing unexplainable things. We found that those “traitors” were strictly performing their prayers at night with their tongues continually repeating the name of Allah even under persecution.

Some of them even died under whipping or while wild dogs attacked them, but they were smiling and continually mentioning Allah’s name.

Accordingly, we became doubtful of what we were told, because it was unbelievable that such devout believers were traitors collaborating with Allah’s foes!

We secretly agreed, myself and my brother, to avoid harming them as much as possible, and to give them all assistance we could afford. With the grace of Allah, our stay in that prison did not last long. Our last assignment was to guard a cell where one of them was confined. He was described to us as the most dangerous of all, their mastermind and plotting leader. He was called Sayyid Qutb.

The man was so pained by persecution to the extent that he was no longer able to stand on his feet. They used to carry him to the Military Court looking into his case. One night, orders came to hang him. They brought him a sheikh to remind him of Allah (before being executed).

Early in the morning of the following day, we, my brother and I, held his arms and took him to the closed car to which some other detainees were taken. Moments later, the car headed for the place of execution. Behind us, there were some military vehicles carrying armed soldiers to guard the detainees.

In no time, each soldier took his assigned place armed with his firearm. Officials there had prepared everything including installing a hanging post for each prisoner. There, a rope was put around his neck and a hangman stood waiting for orders to remove the stand underneath the accused. Under a black flag, there stood the soldier assigned the job of hoisting it at the time of execution.

The most awesome were the words uttered by each one of those about to die, to his brothers giving them good tidings about meeting them in Paradise, together with Prophet Muhammad and His Companions. These words were terminated by the touching cry: “Allah is greater, praise be to Him.”

In these dreadful moments, we heard a car approaching. The guarded gate was opened and there emerged a high-ranking officer who in a high pitch voice gave an order to the hangmen to stop.

He proceeded towards Sayyid, ordered that the robe be removed from his neck and the patch from his eyes.

Then he addressed himself in a trembling voice: “My brother, Sayyid, I am bringing you the gift of life from the patient and merciful President (the then Egyptian President). One phrase which you will sign would pardon you and your brothers.

He did not wait for the reply, opened a notebook he was holding and said: “write, my brother, only this phrase (I was wrong and I apologize)”.

Sayyid looked up with his clear eyes. A smile which one cannot describe appeared on his face. He told the officer in a surprisingly calm tone: “Never! I would not exchange this temporary life with a life which will never disappear!”

The officer said, with his tone of sorrow: “But this would mean death, Sayyid!” Sayyid replied: “Welcome to death in the path of Allah .. Allah is Great!”

This shows steadfastness of faith. It was impossible to continue that dialogue. The officer signaled to hangman to carry out execution.

Soon the body of Sayyid and his brothers, oscillated. The tongue of each one of them had just uttered the phrase which we could not forget and whose impact we had never felt as we did in that situation, “There is no deity, but Allah, Muhammad is His Prophet.

This way, we became pious and God-fearing. We invoke Allah to remain as we are, faithful to Him. From: “Repenters to Allah”