As soon as you graduate from college the first thing one worry about is to what profession could be selected which is both prosperous and ever lasting .

After analysing the market , I could safely bet that If you want:

  1. to be respected,
  2. not answer to the Boss,
  3. never wait for 25th or 1st of every month for salary
  4. No stress to learn new stuff
  5. no worry to get obsolete or threaten with new trends
  6. and above all if you want everlasting, never get-fired profession

Than do the following

  • Get a degree from a Islamic school/madarsah
  • Learn bit of Arabic
  • Migrate to West and become an Imam in the nearby Mosque .. 🙂

Yes I am not joking , if you want to get all 5 points mentioned above and in addition a beautiful wife and several beautiful followers , Being an Imam (Islamic Scholar) is the only profession .

As an Islamic scholar you never have to worry to go out from your couch in tough winter or hard rainy day – Just lead five prayers, give some lectures on topic which could attract more followers and often have first class trips around globe – and that is highly paid trips by the way 🙂

Furthermore, If you want to get filthy rich than become a suffi OR if you want to keep the salafi slogan but still want to get filthy rich – join hands in hands with the Western government like many scholars such as Yasir, Qadhi, Nauman Ali Khan, Omer Sulaeman and list goes on and on..

The only thing you should worry about that if you do above that you will surely put in hell but that is as an Imam you can trick with your Fiqhi knowledge – I know 🙂 and who deny the beauties of this world , so get it 🙂 .