## White House moves towards war, seeking regime change or partition
U.S., British and French imperialists want to regain control of Africa’s largest oil producer.
The Libyan government’s unilateral cease-fire and call for negotiations with those in the armed rebellion who, in the words of the Foreign Minister, believe in Libya’s “territorial unity,” have created an unanticipated hitch in the fast-track plans of British, French and U.S. imperialism to start bombing the country.

The imperialist powers are scrambling to find a way around Gaddafi’s peace offer and initiate the military attack to topple the Libyan government, or, as an alternative, create a de facto partition of the country. Today, Obama threatened to attack unless the Libyan government pulled its troops back from nearly half of the country. Claiming that “parts of the country declared their independence,” the White House appears to be preparing for a second option: the country’s virtual partition, which would allow the Western-supported National Transitional Council to become the de facto government of Libya’s oil-rich eastern territory.

Libya is Africa’s largest oil producer.

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