Malala Plan, as it was Planned

The stepping stone for any propaganda is to give false event a legitimacy . When media drummed about Malala yusuf zai injuries in a home-baked shooting event, this was just a start for a long-term plan.

Even after the clearly denounce by Taliban for this event, like before this one also blatantly associated with them.

Thanks to social media who uncovered the facts from this and revealed the fiction surrounding this event. Beside this raising questions such as: How come a Girl supposed to shot in head but bullet passed from neck, How come she survived the long flight to UK and more or less there is no mark or even scratch left on head due to this shooting – Above all neither her hair was cut rather bandage move from left to right quite often.

Recently this stepping stone of lies and propaganda shaped up when in Paris her father declared as Advisor to prime minister Golden brown- Definitely he is a suitable candidate for this post after selling his soul (if he had).

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