Plague of monarchy never dies

After engaged in affairs last couple of years “Prince” william and Kate married last year (officially) – in recent report they are expecting their first legitimate child which would add one more Prince/Princess in Royal clergy . 

For royal family this may be a good news but for rest of 99% this increased  tax burden — Well we are all slaves of monarchy no matter how much we drum for equality , justice and democracy but the plague of monarchy still here.

British royal family is one of longest and heaviest monarchies of world , people of Britian although disagree with monarchy affairs but they poor people cannot do any thing except to accept the laws.

Christianity on other hands legitimize this oppression with giving holy designation to kings , this is another effect to wide spread anti-religious movement across Britain .

But lets forget about it focus on your work to generate more tax money , be and remain slave for your holy grail of Monarchs. 

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