Sweden the biggest War Criminal by Number 1 in Weapon Industry


Sweden largest War criminal
















Sweden is among the world’s largest exporters of Weapons.  On one side Sweden and other Western countries drum on their empty slogan “Peace” in reality they are biggest War criminals  by largest exporters of Weapons.
Weapon trade


Stop and think if there is peace in the world who will loose ? definitely these Western countries whose ill desires are to keep world in wars so that they have market of weapons.

The fact that Sweden has a large weapon criminal industry .
Swedish foreign and security policy has changed in recent years  but Sweden still retain their place in the weapons exporters’ international top-ten peak. Here was the list out in 2010 according to research institute SIPRI , in terms of value of their sales:

1st USA 2nd Russia 3rd Germany 4th China fifth UK 6th France 7th Sweden eighth Italy 9th Spain 10th Netherlands

And this is the list out on arms exports is calculated in relation to population size (per capita):

Weapon of War

The first Sweden second Israel third Russian fourth Netherlands 5th Norway 6th Germany 7th U.S. 8th Switzerland 9th UK.






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