10 years of Massacre


Now after the drumming of 9/11 10th Anniversary the fumes have settled down  . People stood for 3000 lives but they will never stand for brutal massacre of Millions . This is how media works for defining worthy and unworthy victims.

7th October is here but only few remember it because it was not tuned as Slogan like 9/11. Let me review the history for you.

This is the date when the slogans of “Justice, Peace and Humanity” crashed apart. The war which was imposed from the world super powers on a nation of few barefooted . The Afghans are the lowest in advancement of science, technology  and economy, but when it comes to values they are above the world’s great powers .

After the allegation of 9/11 charges , they simply asked for proof which US and his allies deined and even when Afghans asked for a dialogue , US did not wasted a single minute to start bombing this peace of virgin land. 

Sara, 35 was a professional doctor in Kabul told her story .. ” I was on night shift in hospital , we heard the news about 9/11 but did not had any clue what catostrophy it will bring to Aghanistan . It was 7th October midnight , i dont know why my heart was little bit trembling giving sign of some thing going to happen. I called at home , my husband picked it and asked ” is every thing alright ? ” I replied , ” How are my Ayesha (7 yrs) and Hamza (10 yrs) ?” , he said they are sleeping beside me . I thanked to Allah and said Khuda hafiz to my husband. but still my heart did not find rest and i went to walk on the hospital’s lawn . I looked up the sky it was clean and peaceful with shining stars but I did’nt knew that this serenity will last for only 10 seconds. Suddenly the sky lit up but not with stars rather with bombs, missiles targeting to us.[singlepic id=16 w=320 h=240 float=right]

One missile stricked hospital’s store room and another right in the middile of hospital , the ground was shaking with screams, fires and blood around me remaining patients , doctorts tried to evacuate . ”

(comment from the author , ” this is the criminal war strategy of west  that they first target Hospitals, Electric supplies and Communication to acieve maximum civilians fatality”).   —

Sara continued, “I look towards the city which was burning like hell. Childern , Women and rest of civilians running to save their lives and trying to find some shelter but no shelter was save from the brutal bombing “.

Back in USA people having great fun in bars , in coffe shops , in Mc donalds and few on vacations, They did not have any clue or any feeling what their their Government are doing with Afghans civilians.  The media controlled by policy makers were silent and showing baseball games and few dramatized stories of 9/11 . but no one had any knwoledge about the massacre happeing right at that moment in afghanistan.

After 10 years of Massacre , US citizen’s are emotional for twin towers but they are being sanitized about the million innocent lives.

The UK’s post on the covert event of Osama bin laden’s assination highlights the catistrophy in Afghanistan and few are in the below slideshow.
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