Propaganda Unfold

 right-wing extremist who shot dead at least 85 people at a youth camp

Most probably you  have heard the explosion in Oslo on 22nd July 2011. Instantly news media were started to claim that it is alqaeeda’s work and this attitude is not a shock. Main stream media is always portrait what ever bad happened to Alqaeeda. This is it’s ill-tactics started from 9/11 than in London bombing , after that in Stockholm bombing and now in Oslo. 

right-wing extremist who shot dead at least 85 people

Despite all of their propaganda the voices backfold when right after 1 hour a Christian Norweign Fundamentalist massacred 85 people . Now Government sources claim that these both events are connected and due to a political agenda internal to Norway’s diplomacy. 

Media on other side now aplogizing and present the low tone that what they have try to allege in the explosion was indeed wrong. This is clearly a sign for us as a citizen not to blindly follow what present in main stream rather wait and use some gray-matter in head.  

The hypocrtical role of media in this case is of vital importance and a term-card for our future reliance on them as reliable sources.