Double standards of France

Photo: Nikolai JakobsenWomen in burqas rounded up by French riot police, waiting to be transported to a police station.

PARIS. Now comes the French burqa ban. The wearing veil in public places face fines of 1400 dollars. Only a few thousand women are directly affected. But for French Muslims DN encounter is the ban still a way to identify them as foreigners in French society.

France; which declares to be a liberated country where “people” have freedom to dress and way of living is turn to be a “Double Standard”. ¬†After implementing ban on Muslim’s dressing the French parliment is on the reverse gear of democracy .

Sonia (French born reverted to Islam from Atheist family) says she will not take off her burka when the ban comes into force:

– I still wear it when I go out, come what may.