Live Alone, Die Lonely


Joakim, 47 rang Stockholm police complaining about the roten smell coming for last couple of days from the adjacent appartment . Police bang the door but no answer, knocked again with shout ‘hej’ but same silence, lastly they broke the door and went it. Police stopped Joakim to see as they found dead old lady who they guessed had died 3 months ago.
For police it is common as cases like these has been so widespread particulary in Sweden and generally in West.
The single life style of plugnplay relations with weekend or summer affairs which were forced by media and accepted by people are the real cause of this rotten end.
Despite the fact that they know the beauty and harmony of social system of Islam and that it is the only best option , their whims and desires stop them to embrace it.

You decide now , if you want to die like her ????