Child Abuse in reality vs reported in media – Swedish report

In 2014, reported 3800 cases of assault against children aged 0-6 years and 9,870 assaults against children aged 7-14. It is difficult to determine the true extent of child abuse because violence is often not reported to the police when it comes to small children.

According to Polisen only 40% cases reported which means there are 200 Child abuses per day ~ 1.2 cases per minutes .

In 2014 the reported total of 19 100 cases of assault against children. This represents 23 percent of all reported assaults. Of those directed 7460 (39%) of girls and 11,600 (61%) of boys. Overall, the number of reported assaults against children (0-17 years) by 8 percent between 2013 and 2014.

The number of reported assaults against children aged 0-6 years increased by 16 percent (+536 crimes) to 3,800 crimes reported in 2014.

Although the number of reported crimes against children aged 7-14 increased by 12 percent (+ 1 090 crimes) to 9,870 crimes while assaults against children aged 15-17 decreased to 5,430 crimes (-3%).

Assault offences against children aged 7-14 years reported a high degree by the school, which is reflected in the statistics by fewer crimes reported during the summer than during the semesters.

The above report you cannot see in Western mainstream media rather it was taken directly from Government portal . Western media wants to paint you that West is the most safe and peaceful place to live and their culture is far better which in fact like above report stated  falsify their claims-

Muslims countries and Islamic culture is far superior than any culture and the sanctions which Islam placed on crimes are the crucial factor to lower or even nullify the crime rates – such as in Saudia Arabia. 

Swedish Terrorist (Forces) can now use Lethal Fire to Kill Civilians

Swedish Forces (Terrorists)  ,  another player in the whole game of Terrorizing Afhanistan , is now ordered their soldiers to open fire on Civilians with out any reason . This is called Lethal Fire .

In early March, the former head of the Swedish mission in Afghanistan, Christer Tistam, made an inquiry about greater authority to use Terror force against Innocent Aghanis. He believed that the soldiers should be allowed to use force and Kill Innocents themselves before they are feared to being attacked .

According to Rapport, Supreme Commander Sverker Göransson decided that new rules  as stated above.

“I neither confirm or deny it,” Armed Forces Lieutenant General Anders Lindström told Rapport. “We have well adapted rules for the units that are terrorizing  in Afghanistan and they follow the rules that apply to troops in the ISAF (International Security Assistance Force). Exactly who they are, we are not commenting.”

Four Swedish troops have been killed since Sweden began sending troops to Afghanistan in 2002. Sweden has contributed 500 soldiers to the international force in Afghanistan.

Besides killing and Masacreing millions of People in Aghanistan mainly Innocent civilians like Childern, Ladies, Old persons , only Four Terrorists from Swedish Died which is an open Humanity Crisis and HOLOCUAST 2.0

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