Sexual anarchy increases in Saudia Arabia

Following the punching fees on expats living in Saudia Arabia , many of them started to send their families back to their home land . It is estimated that close to 45% of 11 millions expats families will leave end of 2017 .

The disaster will come after this as when those families leave kingdom around 5 millions husbands would be living with out their wives . This will create sexual anarchy in Saudia . Probably this will open new doors for Saudi women in selection the man .

KSA Saudi Arabia Budge 2016 – How to survive ?

SB_BuyLocal_ChattanoogaAfter reading the KSA Budget for 2016 , I suggest the following reforms

  1. Cut the Western consultants who are paid 10x or even more salaries , and start improving the locals manpower.
  2. Stop using multinationals stores like IKEA, HM, Next, Danube , Carrefour and others – Since 30% of their incomes goes to the origin country –
  3. Start buying local products and from local shops – again stop using multi national brands –
  4. This way money will remain in KSA –

Haia accused of stopping evils in Saudia Arabia

Haia Saudia Arabia

Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice (Haia) which is a moral police in Saudia Arabia is continuously under the line of fire from Secularist elements of Kingdom.

If you ever visited Saudia you should have noticed the wide spread peace , serenity and minimalist crime rates in society. Haia is the driving force behind this prevailing peace. You should have noticed how the shopkeepers from supermarkets to jewelers left their assets unlocked and go to pray. This astonishing peace is there due to hard efforts from Haia organization.

Western backed secularist elements in the Kingdom try their best to overturn the above peaceful society into vice and evil western style culture.

The incident above in which Haia demanded the followings:

  1. The entire female shops curtained off from the public as is the case with dressmaking shops,
  2. There should be special sections for women’s accessories at department stores,
  3. There should be opaque partitions between the woman sections and other parts of shops so outsiders cannot see female customers and workers,
  4. The employer must block the view into the shop, and ban the entry of men,
  5. The conditions also include that the owner should not employ both men and women together in a shop and
  6. A security guard must be employed if the shop is not protected with an electronic security system.


Secular labor Minister Adel Fakeih has accused Haia in doing above.

Basically you don’t want your daughters to be glare by others during shopping of inner garments.

Source: DawnTimes Newspaper :

This is what every modest citizen demands and evil beings always goes against – Secularist are among the later case.

UK follows Saudia Arabia to block All Pornography

Following the trend of Saudia Arabia and other middle-east Muslim countries where the crime rates are lowest and where Women and Children particularly feel safe when deal with daily chores outside.

UK Prime Minister David Cameron will announce extensive restrictions on internet pornography tomorrow. News source from DawnTimes. Continue reading UK follows Saudia Arabia to block All Pornography