CPEC is Cultural suicide for Pakistan

China is investing tremendously in Pakistan , from Roads to Cables, From Hospitals to Drugs, From Vegetables to Live Stocks , From Water to Electronics Рyou name it and you will China investment there.

The more devastating part is his current involvement in Gawadar or briefly CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridor) РIf you happen to travel domestically via air in Pakistan you will find Chinese females dressing un-modestly with tight paints and short even without sleeves and neck Р This is how dare they are become now to walk on Pakistan soil threatening the core Islamic values of Pakistani culture Рand No One stopping them ..



The reasons why muslim children continue to be killed

“Mere words cannot match the depths of your sorrow, nor can they heal your wounded hearts … These tragedies must end. And to end them, we must change.”(1) Every parent can connect with what Barack Obama said about the murder of 20 children in Newtown, Connecticut. There can scarcely be a person on earth with access to the media who is untouched by the grief of the people of that town. Continue reading The reasons why muslim children continue to be killed