Together we prevail, yes ! but in Hell

Continuing the long history of betrayals against Islam , Kingdom of Saudi Arabia recently started #RiyadhSummit  which is basically to drum that Saudis are the friend, Allies (Slaves) of USA –

Donald Trump who has reportedly blasphemed Islam and Muslims are invited to give a talk about ” Beauties of Islam” — may be as sexual nerd he is mentioning the female Beauties of Saudia ..

Furthermore, the government spokesman in Kaaba who is self proclaimed as “Imam-e-Kaaba”  praised and blessed both Donald Trump and the Riyadh Summit. Which is like Hitler being praised in England during world war II .

Muslim clerics are equally secular if …

Think about secularist and your mind draw a picture of clean shaved, western dressed man/woman –  Secular means the person who draws the line between people private and public lives and confined religion only with the personal issues.

With this, Majority of Muslim scholars specially those living in West are Secular , as they have confined Islam within mosques and with in Fiqhs of Aqeedah/Rituals. They don’t or incapable to speak for Social , Politico , Economic Justice which Islam brings about.

That is why they are as equal secular as any clean shaved modernists . Except that their dress code is bit bulky and have beard .