The reasons why muslim children continue to be killed

“Mere words cannot match the depths of your sorrow, nor can they heal your wounded hearts … These tragedies must end. And to end them, we must change.”(1) Every parent can connect with what Barack Obama said about the murder of 20 children in Newtown, Connecticut. There can scarcely be a person on earth with access to the media who is untouched by the grief of the people of that town. Continue reading The reasons why muslim children continue to be killed

Do you see your Child in her?

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I did’nt born in this camp, I was the loving child of my parents like you and my parents loved me like you love your children but until 7th October 2001, when US started to bomb our homes and schools. I was also a student like your children but until it was destroyed by NATO forces.

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The long suffering of lost war

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Mother 77 yrs, with tears flowing on her face spoke herself, ” Why did they send my only son to Afghanistan ?” . She had his picture with her and continues to weep in front of thousand remainings of America troops. We asked her why didn’t you stop your son , she replied “ I was brain washed with the media that your Son is part of American legend and He will be back in few weeks alive with medals” . She further added that “ US governments were assured that Taliban are few barefooted and we will destroy them with few F-16 in hours “–

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10 years of Massacre

Now after the drumming of 9/11 10th Anniversary the fumes have settled down  . People stood for 3000 lives but they will never stand for brutal massacre of Millions . This is how media works for defining worthy and unworthy victims.

7th October is here but only few remember it because it was not tuned as Slogan like 9/11. Let me review the history for you.

This is the date when the slogans of “Justice, Peace and Humanity” crashed apart. The war which was imposed from the world super powers on a nation of few barefooted . The Afghans are the lowest in advancement of science, technology  and economy, but when it comes to values they are above the world’s great powers .

After the allegation of 9/11 charges , they simply asked for proof which US and his allies deined and even when Afghans asked for a dialogue , US did not wasted a single minute to start bombing this peace of virgin land.  Continue reading 10 years of Massacre

License to Massacre : has it expired now ?

Khalid was sitting and begging for the food on the street with dust flows on all of his face. He was not born without legs rather he used to be a business man until 2001 . He had family of four boys and two girls who are already killed with his wife “Salma” who was a school teacher at that time.

I asked Khalid ” How did it  happen ? he looked me with tired eyes and replied what do you mean?  .

I asked How did you loose your family and how you loose your legs .  He took a deep sigh and told me that It was  a Tuesday night when we heard that US with his alies are planning to attack Afghanistan. We first realized that “Truth is on our side” as we did not engaged in any allegation they blamed on us.

I gave him water to drink and he continues, I had a nice dinner with my family without knowing that it would be my Last food with them and went onto bed.

In midnight we heared screaming, shouting and terrific bombing with glazing on sky every where and all of a sudden a Cruise missile hit on our home and i woke up like this.

I asked what happened to your family and childern , he stopped , glazed down and tears drop from his eyes .. I understood what it means..

Khalid is not the only one who has lost his family and life in last decade , rather about 10 million innocent  childern , adults, old and infants been massacred since 2001 and it is continiue as I write this text.




On 2nd of May 2011 , when i heared the news that Osama bin laden has been killed i asked myself, Is it now that the “US License of Massacre” has been expired ? or they will renew it with on other name.

May be I am right in my judgement as next day news media were boosting in creating fear and making stage that muslims will now take revenge of Osama’s death and West has to prepare for something similar.

Beside the fact that 9/11 was not any Muslim’s job rather was an inside drama , but now they are making people mind that  … be prepare ” They are coming “….

As a citizen of Humanity we must open our eyes and free ourselves from this type of manufacturing consent tactics ..

I hope that People are now more well informed than in 2001 but we will see how we performed our duties as human beings and stop US in repeating the history and even confirm that “US License to Massacre” is really been expired …