10 years of Massacre

Now after the drumming of 9/11 10th Anniversary the fumes have settled down  . People stood for 3000 lives but they will never stand for brutal massacre of Millions . This is how media works for defining worthy and unworthy victims.

7th October is here but only few remember it because it was not tuned as Slogan like 9/11. Let me review the history for you.

This is the date when the slogans of “Justice, Peace and Humanity” crashed apart. The war which was imposed from the world super powers on a nation of few barefooted . The Afghans are the lowest in advancement of science, technology  and economy, but when it comes to values they are above the world’s great powers .

After the allegation of 9/11 charges , they simply asked for proof which US and his allies deined and even when Afghans asked for a dialogue , US did not wasted a single minute to start bombing this peace of virgin land.  Continue reading 10 years of Massacre