Sexual anarchy increases in Saudia Arabia

Following the punching fees on expats living in Saudia Arabia , many of them started to send their families back to their home land . It is estimated that close to 45% of 11 millions expats families will leave end of 2017 .

The disaster will come after this as when those families leave kingdom around 5 millions husbands would be living with out their wives . This will create sexual anarchy in Saudia . Probably this will open new doors for Saudi women in selection the man .

Together we prevail, yes ! but in Hell

Continuing the long history of betrayals against Islam , Kingdom of Saudi Arabia recently started #RiyadhSummit  which is basically to drum that Saudis are the friend, Allies (Slaves) of USA –

Donald Trump who has reportedly blasphemed Islam and Muslims are invited to give a talk about ” Beauties of Islam” — may be as sexual nerd he is mentioning the female Beauties of Saudia ..

Furthermore, the government spokesman in Kaaba who is self proclaimed as “Imam-e-Kaaba”  praised and blessed both Donald Trump and the Riyadh Summit. Which is like Hitler being praised in England during world war II .

Salesman of islam – the everlasting profession

As soon as you graduate from college the first thing one worry about is to what profession could be selected which is both prosperous and ever lasting .

After analysing the market , I could safely bet that If you want:

  1. to be respected,
  2. not answer to the Boss,
  3. never wait for 25th or 1st of every month for salary
  4. No stress to learn new stuff
  5. no worry to get obsolete or threaten with new trends
  6. and above all if you want everlasting, never get-fired profession

Than do the following

  • Get a degree from a Islamic school/madarsah
  • Learn bit of Arabic
  • Migrate to West and become an Imam in the nearby Mosque .. 🙂

Yes I am not joking , if you want to get all 5 points mentioned above and in addition a beautiful wife and several beautiful followers , Being an Imam (Islamic Scholar) is the only profession .

As an Islamic scholar you never have to worry to go out from your couch in tough winter or hard rainy day – Just lead five prayers, give some lectures on topic which could attract more followers and often have first class trips around globe – and that is highly paid trips by the way 🙂

Furthermore, If you want to get filthy rich than become a suffi OR if you want to keep the salafi slogan but still want to get filthy rich – join hands in hands with the Western government like many scholars such as Yasir, Qadhi, Nauman Ali Khan, Omer Sulaeman and list goes on and on..

The only thing you should worry about that if you do above that you will surely put in hell but that is as an Imam you can trick with your Fiqhi knowledge – I know 🙂 and who deny the beauties of this world , so get it 🙂 .

Imam in Islam should not take Salary

Muslim Imam should not be paid , this is called selling Islam for petty gains. If they need money they should earn other than just leading Prayers or Friday sermons..

That is why now a days every second mosque in world fight for Imams. because this is very lucrative offer.. See Dr Yasir Qadhi , Omer Sulaiman etc imams in West living on Imams salary with luxury ..

Again , Imam should not be so secular by getting only religious education rather they should learn skills like Prophet Daood and the great Companions (Sahabas) to earn the livings from their own hands while serving deen .

Muslim clerics are equally secular if …

Think about secularist and your mind draw a picture of clean shaved, western dressed man/woman –  Secular means the person who draws the line between people private and public lives and confined religion only with the personal issues.

With this, Majority of Muslim scholars specially those living in West are Secular , as they have confined Islam within mosques and with in Fiqhs of Aqeedah/Rituals. They don’t or incapable to speak for Social , Politico , Economic Justice which Islam brings about.

That is why they are as equal secular as any clean shaved modernists . Except that their dress code is bit bulky and have beard .

KSA Saudi Arabia Budge 2016 – How to survive ?

SB_BuyLocal_ChattanoogaAfter reading the KSA Budget for 2016 , I suggest the following reforms

  1. Cut the Western consultants who are paid 10x or even more salaries , and start improving the locals manpower.
  2. Stop using multinationals stores like IKEA, HM, Next, Danube , Carrefour and others – Since 30% of their incomes goes to the origin country –
  3. Start buying local products and from local shops – again stop using multi national brands –
  4. This way money will remain in KSA –

If shooter is a Muslim -dig deep if he’s not, – cover deep

With recent shooting event by Tashfeen malik , we did a recent survey on past shooting events and found drastic hypocrisy by west –

As we scroll down the list of mass shootings found here –  Most of them slip through punishment by stating as Insane or mentally unfit — (If they are non-Muslims) —

If a shooter is a Muslim than media stripped every hair possible to dig even deeper as close where he/she stated and blaming the whole chain involved.

The same happened when racist white christian Ander Brevik shot down 40 people but never shot down by police or even hanged for his crime , rather enjoying the safety of prison with weekend nights out —




Child Abuse in reality vs reported in media – Swedish report

In 2014, reported 3800 cases of assault against children aged 0-6 years and 9,870 assaults against children aged 7-14. It is difficult to determine the true extent of child abuse because violence is often not reported to the police when it comes to small children.

According to Polisen only 40% cases reported which means there are 200 Child abuses per day ~ 1.2 cases per minutes .

In 2014 the reported total of 19 100 cases of assault against children. This represents 23 percent of all reported assaults. Of those directed 7460 (39%) of girls and 11,600 (61%) of boys. Overall, the number of reported assaults against children (0-17 years) by 8 percent between 2013 and 2014.

The number of reported assaults against children aged 0-6 years increased by 16 percent (+536 crimes) to 3,800 crimes reported in 2014.

Although the number of reported crimes against children aged 7-14 increased by 12 percent (+ 1 090 crimes) to 9,870 crimes while assaults against children aged 15-17 decreased to 5,430 crimes (-3%).

Assault offences against children aged 7-14 years reported a high degree by the school, which is reflected in the statistics by fewer crimes reported during the summer than during the semesters.

The above report you cannot see in Western mainstream media rather it was taken directly from Government portal . Western media wants to paint you that West is the most safe and peaceful place to live and their culture is far better which in fact like above report stated  falsify their claims-

Muslims countries and Islamic culture is far superior than any culture and the sanctions which Islam placed on crimes are the crucial factor to lower or even nullify the crime rates – such as in Saudia Arabia.