KSA Saudi Arabia Budge 2016 – How to survive ?

SB_BuyLocal_ChattanoogaAfter reading the KSA Budget for 2016 , I suggest the following reforms

  1. Cut the Western consultants who are paid 10x or even more salaries , and start improving the locals manpower.
  2. Stop using multinationals stores like IKEA, HM, Next, Danube , Carrefour and others – Since 30% of their incomes goes to the origin country –
  3. Start buying local products and from local shops – again stop using multi national brands –
  4. This way money will remain in KSA –

If shooter is a Muslim -dig deep if he’s not, – cover deep

With recent shooting event by Tashfeen malik , we did a recent survey on past shooting events and found drastic hypocrisy by west –

As we scroll down the list of mass shootings found here – ┬áMost of them slip through punishment by stating as Insane or mentally unfit — (If they are non-Muslims) —

If a shooter is a Muslim than media stripped every hair possible to dig even deeper as close where he/she stated and blaming the whole chain involved.

The same happened when racist white christian Ander Brevik shot down 40 people but never shot down by police or even hanged for his crime , rather enjoying the safety of prison with weekend nights out —