Australian Media’s Finest Defend Wikileaks

The letter was initiated by  the Walkley Foundation and signed by the ten members of the Walkley Advisory Board as well as editors of major Australian newspapers and news websites and the news directors of the country’s three commercial TV networks and two public broadcasters.

“In essence, WikiLeaks, an organisation that aims to expose official secrets, is doing what the media have always done: bringing to light material that governments would prefer to keep secret.

The full letter sent to Prime Minister Julia Gillard can be viewed here and is also available below:

Stockholm attack : another Drama

After 9/11 Drama of Twin tower, 10/10 London bomb now the attack in Stockholm on 12/11 played another drama for Propaganda against Islam .  If you carefully watch the events before and after the bomb in Stockholm only a dumb person  cannot connect the dots that this is a straight drama played by Swedish counterpart.

From many other reason one tactics would be to divert peoples attention from WikiLeaks and other injustice from West.