US are largest in Household debt

Publish in a report by Credit-Suisse  showing that USA are largest in Household debt followed by Japan , Germany and UK. This news is very bad for the economical condition of average John, James living in West.

The irony is that Global Wealth report publish by same Credit-Suisse , showed that half of world’s money is in the hand of few individuals .

This is the affect of Interest based Capitalism and the gap between Public and Elite are growing wider and wider.

— Another Human Tragedy :: A gift to humanity by Godless West —

50 Shootings in Sweden on Immigrants – Right wing invloved

Police said that one or a handful of dangerous individuals are behind up to 15 shootings in which all but one of the victims has had an immigrant background.

As a result, police have focused their investigation on groups of right-wing extremists.

“It’s part of our preliminary investigation. But we’re also looking wider than that,” police spokesperson Mats Lassén said at the press conference.

The first victim was a 20-year-old woman who was alone in a car with a 21-year-old man near the Rosengård neighbourhood in October 2009.

The woman died from her injuries, while the man, who had a foreign background, survived.

No one has been arrested in connection with the shootings, since there is might be a chance that Sweden Democrates are involved.

Racism raised: Two more Imigrants murdered in Sweden

Two More Innocent civilians Murdered in Sweden after raise of racism in Sweden.. The murders are on continue rise after Sweden Democrate (SD) came into parliment and chances are that they are behind these murder cases.

In Sweden after SD came into parliament the strong rage has been increase against Immigrant specially against Muslims. The silent of Swedish Government on these cases are very inhuman but explain some under-table deals.

UAE denied Canada for using its Air base

The United Arab Emirates abruptly ended years of collaboration with the Canadian Forces on Monday, forbidding Defence Militant  Peter MacKay and his top militant general from even flying over the country on a return trip from Afghanistan. Canadian officials were shocked when Mr. MacKay and Chief of Militant  Staff General Walt Natynczyk were told that they could not land at Camp Mirage or even fly over the UAE, senior federal officials said. ( Great news).

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North Wazirstan : US Attacked with Drowns and massacred 20 innocent civilians

In North Waziristan : US attacked with Drowns and killed 20 innocent civilians . This is  increasingly happening when USA openly enter into Pakistan and breaking all international laws and ethical boundaries to killing innocent civilians . Pakistani citizens openly condemned this but USA is not hearing any one and increased the drowned attack in which major killings and massacred are innocent civilians.